10 most attractive tourist attractions in Nha Trang City

Nha Trang is famous for its beautiful beaches and owns many famous charming attractions.

Please check this article to add to your itinerary in this beach city with these destinations!

1. VinWonders Nha Trang

vinwonders nha trang
© VinWonders nha trang

VinWonders Nha Trang locates on Hon Tre Island, one part of the complex of Vinpearl Nha Trang, known as the paradise of the tropics with clear blue beaches all year round.

VinWonders is in the top outstanding destinations in Nha Trang because of the great facilities of this place.

Not only a pure entertainment area, now VinWonders has been built into a complex, including accommodation services with high-end resorts and first-class facilities, playing area, restaurants, and shopping centres.

It is worth to experience a full day at this entertainment to join with all the games there. The games include thrilling adventure activities suitable for adults such as bungee jumping, free-fall tower, roller coaster, etc. Also, there is a play area dedicated to children.

In particular, you can experience the Sky Wheel – the largest Ferris wheel in Vietnam and one of the top 10 highest wheels in the world.

Entrance fee with 2-way cable car: 880,000 VND/adult; 700,000 VND/child or the elderly.

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2. Ponagar Tower

Ponagar Temple
Ponagar Temple |© ExoticTravelVietnam

Ponagar Tower belongs to the famous relics of the long-standing Champa culture, like My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam.

Ponargar Temples built thousands of years ago have essential spiritual and religious meanings.

The name of Ponagar is the largest main building, people calling it for the complex of Ponagar temples.

The main temple consists of 4 floors with a total height of 23m worshipping Ponagar, wife of Siva.

When admiring this unique architecture, you will understand a lot more about Champa culture.

3. Hon Tam Island

hon tam island
Hon Tam Ilsand | @elen9602

Hon Tam Island is a large destination located in Nha Trang Bay. It takes you about 10 minutes by canoe to travel there from the shore.

Slightly similar to VinWonders, Hon Tam is suitable for outdoor activities with various games, such as parachute, kayaking…

At Hon Tam, there are many shimmering virtual-living areas for travellers who like to take pictures and sightseeing places to visit.

The hotel and restaurant service is also fully equipped to serve your needs.

4. Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Island
Binh Ba Island | @beoisnotkawaii

It is impossible not to mention the lobster kingdom of Binh Ba island when listing the outstanding destinations in Nha Trang.

From Nha Trang city centre, you move to Ba Ngoi port to board the boat to Binh Ba island. With 30 minutes of canoeing, you have come to a beautiful site with a long stretch of white sand and clear water.

When visiting Binh Ba, you should get an experiment with diving and watching coral.

Many specialties are waiting for you on the island, and the famous lobster is one of the tasty food there to enjoy.

So, it is the right place to taste the flavorful lobster. But you should order it one by one to see how many you can taste.

The typical point of Binh Ba Island is that at present not many foreign tourists visit this place. Thus, you will find most of the services in the Vietnamese style. And, you need to go with a local or tour guide to explore this island.

5. Hon Chong

hon chong island
Hon Chong Island | @thanhhn2906

If you are moving on the road overlooking the sea and see two large rocks lying side by side, they are Hon Chong.

Strange nature always makes people surprised when carrying two giant rocks placing in the middle of the beach, making people spread the word of mouth many thrilling stories about their legend.

6. Nha Trang Museum Of Oceanography

Nha Trang Museum Of Oceanography
©Nha Trang Museum Of Oceanography

Address: 1 Cau Da Street, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam

Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography owns thousands of fishes and relics from the oceans.

The Institute is the biggest ocean museum in Vietnam, supporting the students, researchers and tourists to have a chance to learn more about sea life.

7. Binh Lap Island

Binh Lap Island
Binh Lap Island| @lythanhnguyen83

Binh Lap island is a prominent destination in Nha Trang because it is associated with the scene in many Vietnamese movies.

Many people have even considered Binh Lap as the Maldives in Vietnam.

The island has stretches of soft sand and clear blue water, suitable for any romantic love story.

8. Nha Trang Stone Church

stone church nha trang
Stone Church | © ExoticTravelVietnam

Nha Trang Stone Church situates right in the city centre. The stone church is an iconic religious work not only for religious people but also for visitors who love architecture and culture.

Amid the bustling tourist city all year round, the stone church is a quiet witness of time, helping the guests find peace of mind.

9. Diep Son Island

diep son island
Diep Son Island | @snape1010

Have you ever heard of an island that doesn’t need a boat, but you can get there?

That is the famous Diep Son Island near Nha Trang City. With wild beauty, millions of tourists votes this island to becomes one of the charming destinations of this beach city.

The road leading to Diep Son is over 800m long with a stretch of sand in the sea, less than 1 meter wide, surrounded by water. When the tide goes down, the road appears mysteriously.

When walking on this road, you will feel you are turning water down the aquarium.

10. Binh Hung Island

binh hung island map
Binh Hung Ilsand Map

Binh Hung island is still a pristine place with peaceful fishing villages and the slow lifestyle of the islanders.

Visiting this place, you will mainly experience the life of fishermen and enjoy fresh and delicious seafood prepared right at the village in the sea.

Which places will you choose to visit when you travel to Nha Trang City, Vietnam?

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