10 best activities to do at night in Nha Trang City

Going to the beautiful Nha Trang beaches in the morning, visiting the famous Nha Trang attractions in the afternoon, what to do in this city at night?

 If you are thinking about what to do in Nha Trang at night, here are the suggested activities to check.

nha trang at night to do
Nha Trang City at night | @poongvie

1. Watch water music at VinWonders Nha Trang

Water music at VinWonders Nha Trang is one of the first places to have fun at night that you cannot miss.

This place is the most modern water music theatre in Vietnam with a capacity of over 5,000 seats.

The colourful, sparkling art performances are a unique combination of sound, light, and water, bringing visitors delight and great emotions. What could be more fun than enjoying these colourful water music performances with family and friends?

Water music performance time is from 7:00 pm – 7:25 pm and 8:00 pm – 8:25 pm.

2. Go shopping at Nha Trang night market at 46 Tran Phu Street

If you want to enjoy the local food and find the souvenir, Nha Trang night market is the right choice for your evening.

The night market is located right next to Cultural Center (46 Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang City) and operates from 15:00 to 23:00 daily.

The night market is bustling with more than 100 stalls selling souvenirs, fashion, and marine products, originating from the countryside in South Central Vietnam.

The only minus point is that the price level in the market is high, but you can find almost Nha Trang specialties here.

A night market is also a famous place for the local food, such as fish cake soup, noodle soup, or Dien Khanh wet cake.

3. Enjoy the colourful lights at Skylight Nha Trang at 38 Tran Phu Street

Coming to Skylight Nha Trang, you can admire the panorama of the beautiful coastal city from above with a breathtaking 360-degree view. Besides, you can take unique photos on the Skywalk glass bridge.

And when night falls, the vibrant music party often organizes at the Rooftop Beach Club. All promises to bring you the most exciting hours at night in Nha Trang.

4. Try the tasty food and see the city view at Chef’s Club Skylight Nha Trang

Chef’s Club Restaurant is the highest international restaurant in Nha Trang with high-class dishes made by the super chef – Michael Bao.

The restaurant has a design in an opening kitchen style to help you observe the chef processing food directly. With a cozy space and overlooking the sea and Nha Trang city centre, this restaurant will give you the most comfortable moments.

5. Get exciting moments at the Altitude Rooftop Bar at Sheraton Hotel

Altitude Rooftop Bar is an outdoor Nha Trang bar located on the 28th floor of the Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel. Opening hours are from 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm daily.

Very nice view, you can enjoy watching the beautiful, sparkling coastal city at night and taste a variety of drinks here.

Besides, Altitude Rooftop Bar is also a favourite music space for visitors who like the excitement.

Modern sound, light and lively music performed by professional DJs will give you uplifting moments with your friends and will leave an unforgettable experience.

6. Spend time at Cookbook Café at InterContinental Nha Trang

Located in the area of a luxury hotel – InterContinental Nha Trang, Cookbook Café gives each diner the most comfortable feeling.

This place offers a spacious space with warm grey tones, relaxing for a delicious 5-star meal.

Enjoying a high-quality dinner is sure to be the perfect choice to end the night as well as enrich your journey to discover Nha Trang.

7. Relax at the Nine Spa I-resort Nha Trang

Nine Spa I-resort Nha Trang creates an enjoyable private place. You can relax in a peaceful area with various massage therapies.

Hot mineral mud baths or herbal mineral immersion from nature will bring you the best leisure moments.

8. Watch the sunset on Emperor yacht in Nha Trang Bay

When the sunset shines in the golden colour of Nha Trang Bay, start the excursion to see the city scenery and the romantic bay.

And when night falls, you will join the gala dinner with fresh seafood and cocktails in the melodious violin and guitar.

9. Go fishing squid at night

If you have come to this lovely beach city, you should try to experience night squid fishing.

When night falls is also the perfect time for you to start your exploration journey.

You will enjoy the strange feeling of following the ships of the fishermen to the sea. The fanciful lights attract the squid flocks around the boat, so you can catch them.

The most interesting thing about squid fishing is that you can spend a pleasant time with your relatives and enjoy delicious squid onboard after catching them.

The fresh squid is steamed or grilled, creating a fragrant smell. That is great to taste with chilli sauce.

The price of a night squid fishing tour is about 500,000 VND for an adult and 250,000 VND for a child.

10. Visit Nha Trang Stone Church

Take an evening walk on Thai Nguyen Street, and you will see the tall and beautiful Stone Church with colourful lights in the centre of the city.

The architectural beauty of the Western-style makes this place a unique place of Nha Trang city.

Above are the exciting activities to do in Nha Trang at night that you should list in your itinerary to spend your night time when travelling to Nha Trang.

 Let’s experience the beautiful moments in this romantic coastal city!