Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi Mercury Central Hotel

The best 3-star hotels in Hanoi with affordable rate

If you are looking for a hotel in Hanoi with an affordable cost, please check the...
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the ann hotel hanoi

5 Best 4-star Hotels near Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

The area of Hoan Kiem Lake is interesting sightseeing for tourists and the centre of Hanoi....
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Apricot Hotel Hanoi

5 best luxury 5-star hotels in Hanoi to spend overnight

Here are the 5 best luxury 5-star international prestigious hotels in Hanoi capital, Vietnam, which will...
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Avalon cafe & Lounge near Hoan Kiem Lake

6 best cafes near Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake locates in the perfect location, attracting the most domestic and foreign tourists in...
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Maison de Tet Decor

5 best cafés in West Lake, Hanoi to taste

West Lake is famous for many shops, restaurants, and cafes in Hanoi because of the harmony...
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ba dinh square

Ba Dinh Square: the sacred place of Hanoi Capital, Vietnam

Ba Dinh Square, Vietnam’s largest square, is also the place to record many important marks in...
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vietnam fine arts museum

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum Storing National Treasures

Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum is an ideal destination for art lovers. The artworks displayed here...
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water puppet show hanoi

The famous places to watch a water puppet show in Hanoi

Many visitors to Hanoi capital want to see the water puppet show at least once time...
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banh mi pho co Hanoi

6 best bread shops in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi to taste

Bread (Banh Mi) is a familiar fast food to every Hanoi resident. A loaf full of...
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The Old Building of Hanoi General University

7 buildings in Hanoi with the most beautiful architecture

Hanoi not only has 36 bustling streets, with street vendors every morning and iced tea on...
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Bun Cha 74 Hang Quat Hanoi

Top 5 Restaurants in Hanoi Old Quarter for Tasty Food

Hanoi is not only beautiful because of its historical sites but also captivates the hearts of...
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hanoi noodle soup

6 Best Pho Restaurants in Hanoi to Taste The Right Flavour

Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) is the quintessential dish in Hanoi that you may taste to know...
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Ha Noi Vietnam

24 hours exploring Hanoi to know more the local beauty

If you only have 24 hours in Hanoi, I will take you to explore this capital...
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West Lake Hanoi

West Lake Hanoi: The largest natural lake in the capital Vietnam

West Lake is beautiful not only by the immense water surface, the dark pink colour of...
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Turtle Tower Hanoi

Turtle Tower Hanoi Carrying Historical and Cultural Value

Speaking of Hanoi, it is impossible not to mention Hoan Kiem Lake. Speaking of Hoan Kiem...
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Cong Coffee 46 Trang Tien

9 cafés in Hanoi owning beautiful views to spend your time

Cafés in Hanoi, like in other places in Vietnam, are the popular destinations for the locals...
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Bun Thang Hanoi

Top 5 best local food in Hanoi to taste

When coming to Hanoi, in addition to visiting famous places and seeing 36 streets of the...
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Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge: A Historical Symbol In Hanoi

Long Bien Bridge is the first steel bridge to cross the Red River. This bridge connects...
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Hanoi Street Food

10 best activities to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam with a thousand years of culture, which is a cultural,...
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St. Joseph Cathedral

St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi

With an ancient appearance, St. Joseph’s Cathedral has a typical architecture, making the landscape of Hanoi...
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ho chi minh museum

8 most attractive museums in Hanoi to visit

You want to study the history and the capital of a thousand years of civilization, and...
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Bat Trang Village

Bat Trang Pottery Village Preserving The Traditional Value in Hanoi

Bat Trang pottery village is a famous craft village in Hanoi specializing in pottery products to...
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duong lam village gate

Duong Lam Ancient Village – a peaceful countryside near Hanoi

Coming to Duong Lam Ancient Village, you will see most of the features of an old...
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dong xuan market

Dong Xuan Market: the biggest wholesale centre in Hanoi

Dong Xuan Market is one of the famous markets in Hanoi, and also a cultural tourist...
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Ta Hien Beer Street

Ta Hien Beer Street owning a lively nightlife in Hanoi

If Saigon is famous for West Bui Vien beer street, Hue city is proud of Pham...
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Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake With Its Surrounding Attractions

Hoan Kiem Lake is a natural freshwater lake with an area of ​​about 12 hectares. This...
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Hoa Lo Prison

Hoa Lo Prison: a terrible hell in the land

Hoa Lo Prison in Hanoi used to be considered as the hell on earth. This place...
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Hanoi Walking Street

Hanoi Walking Streets: the exciting areas to spend time at night

Hanoi Walking Streets open on the night of weekends, which becomes a popular destination for both...
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one pillar pagoda

One Pillar Pagoda: a typical cultural architecture

One Pillar Pagoda is one of the iconic thousands of years old architectural works in Hanoi,...
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Temple of Literature Hanoi

The Temple of Literature in Hanoi

The Temple of Literature is the typical relics in the system of tourist destinations in Hanoi....
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