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Vietnam is a beautiful nature country with long history, unique culture, lovely beaches, and amazing food. Vietnam becomes a famous destination in Asia for travellers to explore the local beauty.

Planning is the foremost step towards a vacation trip but to really make it happen, you have got to seek help of a professional tour and travel company to make the trip enjoyable and memorable. If you are also worried about who to choose as your Vietnam travel partner, then look no further than Exotic Travel Vietnam as we provide the interesting Vietnam holiday packages in most cost effective rates.

We, Exotic Travel Vietnam, consist of a number of able and hard working professionals who have years of experience in Vietnam travel industry behind them and that is why we are so sure of providing you a great Vietnam vacation experience.

We offer Vietnam holiday packages in different rates to suit the varying needs of our different clients but one thing that is certain in all the packages is that you will sure to remember this trip all your lifetime; such would be our service and such is the exquisiteness of Vietnam.

Our Vietnam holiday packages range from a few days to multiple days as per the requirements of our clients, and we usually cover the whole of Vietnam in most of our packages. Exotic Travel Vietnam offers high quality tours and value journeys in Vietnam with fully customised itineraries, which will meet your needs. With our authentic experience in tourism, we are confident to go with you to explore wonderful Vietnam.

* Fully customised tours
* Travel with the local to explore the real local experience
* Flexible change to fit your needs
* Insurance included for your Vietnam tours from 6 days (as requests)
* Visa approval online letter for package tours from 6 days (as requests).

We can also plan a vacation as per your needs and all budgets in flexible arrangements; let us provide you the customized package of your choice.

If you have any query, then feel free to ask us as our team is available all the time to solve our clients’ requests. Exotic Travel Vietnam will help you to get memorable Vietnam holidays.

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