Dong Xuan Market: the biggest wholesale centre in Hanoi

Dong Xuan Market is one of the famous markets in Hanoi, and also a cultural tourist destination of the capital.

Dong Xuan Market is right in the old town and near the Hoan Kiem Lake, so most people visiting the Old Quarter of Hanoi also stop at Dong Xuan Market. The market is a famous trading centre for the local people and also the cultural tourist destination of the Vietnam capital.

dong xuan market
Dong Xuan Market | @dinhkaito

Dong Xuan Market

  • Address: 15 Cau Dong Street, Dong Xuan Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Opening hours: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm, every day. Also, on weekend nights, the night market in front of Dong Xuan market open until 10:00 pm.
  • Entrance fee: free.
  • Type of shopping: Wholesale market.
  • Phone number: +8424 3829 5006.

1.History of Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market is a gathering site of two ancient markets in Hanoi: Bach Ma Market (because near Bach Ma Temple) and the Cau Dong market (near Cau Dong pagoda).

In 1890, the French government gathered these small market into a big shopping place, that established Dong Xuan Market. Due to its convenient location close to the river (when the river had not blocked), the market quickly became the largest trading centre in Ha Thanh (the former name of Hanoi).

Dong Xuan Market has been associated with the capital for over a hundred years, experienced many ups and downs in history. It was destroyed by war, then rebuilt; however, this site was destroyed by fire again in 1997. Up to now, the market has been built newly and restored 3 times.

The current Dong Xuan Market has the old design but with more modern fire fightings and escape equipment. Among the markets in Hanoi capital, the Dong Xuan market is the most beautiful with the largest design.

When you come to Dong Xuan Market, you will see a 3-storey building with an area of ​​more than 6500m2. Both ancient and modern, this is also a famous architectural work of Hanoi capital.

2. What to buy at Dong Xuan Market?

Dong Xuan is the biggest wholesale market in Hanoi. There are various products with big different price. The retail price is also nearly the same at the other markets, but the wholesale rate is good to buy.

You can see many items on 3 floors:

  • The ground floor focuses on selling clothes, shoes, electronics, souvenirs, and food.
  • The second floor is also clothes and fabrics.
  • The third floor sells baby goods and clothes.

The market is very big, so it is better to go on all 3 floors to see its interesting things.

Although many shops in Dong Xuan Market sell a variety of items, plenty of products come from China. So, when going shopping, you pay attention to the quality and discuss the price to get a reasonable rate.

3. What to eat when visiting Dong Xuan Market

After visiting the market, you go about 200 meters from the Dong Xuan market on Dong Xuan Street. You will find a lot of food and drink shops.

You can taste a few typical specialties: Huyen Anh rib porridge cooks from fragrant sticky rice, each bowl is about 35,000 VND; Co Nga noodle soup is about 30,000 VND/set; crispy shrimp cake at Co Am shop costs 12,000 VND / item; and many other snail vermicelli, or sweet soup.

4. Some notes before visiting Dong Xuan Market

  • Dong Xuan Market is in Hanoi Old Quarter. Thus, it is good you can walk from your hotels nearly or use a cyclo to this market.
  • There are many people in the market, so you need to keep your eyes on your belongings.
  • With plenty of items and many shops selling nearly the same products, you should check the quality and price carefully to get the goods at a reasonable rate.
  • A lot of chances of daily life are available for you to take pictures. Before coming here, you should prepare your camera with a full battery.
  • At the same other markets in Vietnam, you can bargain the price at almost shops in Dong Xuan Market.

Dong Xuan market is the oldest market in Hanoi, which has witnessed many ups and downs in history. It has become the soul of this land and an indispensable destination for your tourist itinerary when travelling to Hanoi.

When you come to Ha Noi, please range your time to stop here around 45 – 60 minutes to explore the daily business life of the local people!