Diep Son Island: a dreamy destination near Nha Trang City

Diep Son island owns white sand, stretching blue beaches and tasty seafood that is hard to find in other places. Typically, its wildness and the white sand road leading to the island will make you love this destination.

diep son island
Diep Son Ilsand | @cuongkhii

Diep Son island 

Diep Son island, near Nha Trang City, belongs to Van Phong Bay, Van Gia town, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam, which will offer interesting moments for all visitors coming here.

The road to Diep Son Island is also very easy. From Nha Trang, you follow the National Highway 1A forward the north about 60km long. Then, turn left to Van Gia Village, follow Tran Hung Dao street to the pier. After that, you can hire the fisherman’s boat to go to the island, and this will definitely be an exciting experience.

The ideal time to visit Diep Son Island is from December to June. It is time when the weather on the island is mild, the climate is warm, with little rainfall on some days, and the sea is calm and clear.

The beautiful and dreamy Diep Son Island

Diep Son Island consists of 3 connected small islands lying on the sea: Hon Bip, Hon Giua, Hon Duoc.

And the first thing when you come here is to conquer the unique sea road. The road is around 8700m long and about 1m wide and lies in the water less than half a meter.

diep son island nha trang
A lovely road to the Diep Son Island | @moon_moo_nn

Walking on this path will be extremely fun, mixed with suspense because the seawater will hit your feet, causing you to lose your balance. It is also interesting that you can watch small fishes swimming on both sides as if welcoming anyone to this place.

After walking on a blue sea road, then go to Diep Son Island with more than a dozen households living by fishing.

The living conditions of the people here are still difficult, they only have 3 hours of electricity a day using generators. However, this thing creates its inherent pure wilderness.

You can follow the locals to experience an interesting fishing life, as well as visit the market in Diep Son and enjoy fresh seafood.

Diep Son Island is still untouched, and there are no hotels or guesthouses here yet, so that is why everyone will have to leave the island for the day.

Coming to Diep Son, you will be lost in the green of trees, the sea, the sky, and the red-tiled roofs. The space is very peaceful and relaxing.

Lying to listen to the gentle waves of the sea and the gentle winds kissing your face, you cannot resist the charm of the landscape here. All the fatigue and worries of life will sweep away with the waves.

In addition, you can participate in kayaking, which is an exciting experience not to be missed when exploring Diep Son island.

Tasty seafood of Diep Son Island

Eating and drinking on Diep Son Island is very limited because the electricity of the island is still restricted, so there are not many restaurants here.

There are only a few small eateries, beverage shops and grocery stores, but the prices are quite high

Therefore, you should prepare yourself the necessary items to be able to fully explore the island when you want to save your money.

 If you come here in the morning, you can visit the coastal market. You can find some local dishes such as Banh Canh, bread, seafood pancakes. But, we recommend you just come to take a picture or to buy seafood, not for eating here, most of the food serves local people.

The market on the island is only held in the morning, so buy some seafood to cook on the beach is a fun way. But, to do this, you have to go with a local guide or friends to know how to do it.

Notes to visit Diep Son

Please get some notes that Diep Son Island is still untouched. The “happy houses” (toilets) here are not available, so tell the guide to know when you want to use them so that he can support you to find one.

Always be aware of keeping a clean environment, not littering, and cleaning everything before leaving.

Diep Son Island does not have an official swimming beach, so be cautious about swimming, staying close to the shore and be careful because you may meet jellyfish.

Do not make noise in public areas, especially near places of the locals to avoid affecting their lives.

Besides, you absolutely can help the people on the island, by organizing donations to make your trip more meaningful. To do this, you need to contact the local guide to know or local authority to get the allowance.

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Diep Son Island is probably a new destination near Nha Trang City. It is because of its wildness, so the island has created an incredible charm.

Diep Son is a place where the sky, blue sea, trees, and people become one.

Take your time to relax with the wild space on the island is a very enjoyable experience. Do not hesitate to go and explore this paradise!