Visit Hon Chong to Enjoy Beautiful Rocks in Strange Shapes

Hon Chong (Husband Island) located protruding out into the sea seems to be separate from all the bustle of the city life, only the waves and wind day and night touching it.

Not only a simple rocky beach but through the miraculous hand of the Creator, the beach in Hon Chong has been put on a very unique and strange beauty, creating curiosity and excitement for visitors.

hon chong island in nha trang
Hon Chong Island in Nha Trang City. @ purplesupurple17

Hon Chong Island in Nha Trang City

  • Address: Vinh Phuoc, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. It is about 4 km northeast of Nha Trang city centre.
  • Ticket price to visit Chong Island: 22,000 VND/person.
  • Opening hours: 07:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Move to there: It is easy to come to Hon Chong by taxi, motorbike or car.
  • Go along Tran Phu street in Nha Trang City, go straight through Pham Van Dong street, then get in a little further and you will see Hon Chong located on your right-hand side.

What to see and do in Hon Chong

When travelling to the area of Hon Chong, you may want to find out:

1. The natural charm of Hon Chong

Hon Chong owns naturally stacked rocks, consisting of two large rock clusters on the coast, at the foot of La San hill.

beauty of hon chong
The beautiful views of Hon Chong. @thanhhn2906

The large stone cluster of Hon Chong has a large square block of stone lying on top of a flat and wider rock. The second cluster of rocks has the shape of a woman sitting looking at the sea, called the meaning name Hon Vo (Wife Island).

Not as noisy and bustling as the beaches along Tran Phu Street, Hon Chong has a peaceful, quiet but equally poetic and charming beauty with one side being the mountain and hill, the other being the sea. This place is a complex of different large and small stone blocks, many floors, many layers, with strange shapes.

Under the miraculous hand of the Creator, many layers of stone pile up from high to low without even having a sticky object. Strangely, the tall blocks of stone that keep on overlapping each other and remain over the years facing the wind and storm.

If you look closely, you can see that the rocks are stuck in the middle as if to balance the two large rocks on either side, creating a magical and interesting place of Hon Chong.

Typically, there are very big rocks with five handprints on them, which is still mysterious for the visitors.

handprint in hon chong
The handprint on rocks in Hon Chong. @susuong237

During the day, standing on Hon Chong looking out into the distance, visitors can see Yen island, back to the right is Cau Da port, famous Hon Tre with VinWonders Nha Trang – an international entertainment paradise with high-class resorts and Nha Trang beach. Looking towards the centre of Nha Trang city in Nha Trang Square, Tram Huong Tower symbolizing the coastal city of Nha Trang.

2. The Stories about Hon Chong Island

Many mysterious stories are revolving around the husband rock that people who have lived here for many generations tell. So no one knows which stories are true and which stories are fabricated.

However, just know the fact that the rocks have stood tall in the rain and wind, did not move when the daily waves hit the shore or the giant hand appeared on the stone, making us feel queasy and wanted to listen immediately.

The people of the sea often tell each other the story of Hon Chong – Hon Vo that:

a. In the past, this place was craggy, steep and dangerous. On a stormy day, a young couple’s boat from afar was washed ashore by strong winds and waves, crashing into a cliff and breaking.

Because the waves were so big that the wife was swept away, the husband panicked and jumped into the sea to save his wife. But how can human strength stop nature in the struggle with one hand helping his wife, one hand trying to cling to the cliff?

The wall was inherently unstable, so when he tried to cling to it, the cliff fell into the sea and engulfed the unhappy young couple. Because of that great love, this place has the name Hon Chong – Hon Vo (husband island – wife island). More specifically, when trying to keep on the rock to recuse the wife, the handprints of the husband had been deeply imprinted on the rock, which you can see over there.

b. That mysterious handprint on the rock at Hon Chong was also said to be left by the giant person, he was fishing here, suddenly the giant fish bit the hook and dragged him away. To catch fish, he had to lean on the rock so that the fingerprints have been pressed into the rock to form the shape until now.

hon chong handprints
Husband’s handprint still on the rock in Hon Chong. @fam_luan

c. There is another legend that there was a young man who worked as a fisherman. One day, when he was casting his net on the sea, he suddenly met a group of fairies playing on the beach, so the young man hid on the rock behind to watch. Discovered by the fairies, the boy fell into the sea. On a large stone, there is also a shape like a hand, which is said to be the mark of the boy’s hand when he fell.

d. People here also say that there is a stone shaped like a person sitting looking towards Co Tien mountain. Legend has it that the youngest fairy still lingered on the beauty of the world and did not want to return to heaven, so she turned into a mountain. These mountains are now developed for tourism with the name Bai Tien, meaning fairyland.

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3. Hon Chong Beach Is Super Sparkling

If beaches with white sand or green coconut trees have become familiar in your frames, come to Hon Chong to create something new on the rocks and sea there.

Hon Chong sea level is quite low, so you can follow the rocky path leading to the sea without fear of getting wet. The sea is clear blue, with few waves, surrounded by large and small islands off the coast, reducing wind and the influence of storms. So you can safely wade or swim at the beach in the area of Hon Chong.

A small note for you is that the large rocks at Hon Chong Nha Trang are very hard, rough, and often slippery due to the splashing of sea waves. So, remember to be careful when moving to avoid slipping.

hon chong beach
Hon Chong Beach. @elena__legotina

4. See the sunrise or sunset at Hon Chong

You can come there with your friends to get up early to catch the first rays of the sun on the big rocks at Hon Chong or sit together to watch the sunset after a day of walking around. This is truly a fascinating experience that is hard to find elsewhere, and not to be missed.

You will be surprised with lovely views when sunset or sunrise covers Ho Chong and its surroundings.

5. Visit Hon Chong Assembly Hall

Located on the way down to Hon Chong, you will encounter a unique architectural style of Hue ruong house, which is Nha Trang Bay Assembly Hall. This place keeps and displays many pictures and artifacts about Hon Chong and landscapes in Nha Trang.

Especially, this hall also has a space to perform ethnic musical instruments such as zither, erhu, rock instrument… attracting a lot of tourists to come and enjoy. In the warm setting, the low-pitched music sounds like removing all stress and fatigue, creating a very unique highlight, reminiscent of the long-standing national values of Vietnam.

hon chong assenbly hall
Hon Chong Assembly Hall. @kent.kent.94

6. Enjoy coffee on Hon Chong Nha Trang

A place separating from the bustling atmosphere of Nha Trang streets becomes one of the most beautiful city views. After a journey to visit the poetic beauty of Hon Chong, in the lovely space of the vast heaven and earth, the waves are gently swaying, sit down to sip a cup of roasted Vietnamese coffee, admire the natural scenery.

On a peaceful morning, you can go to the book café of Hon Chong, choose a chair by the sea to sip coffee and read a favourite book. In the evening, hang out over coffee at Hon Chong park, mingle in the fresh air of the mountains and seas, chat and chat with friends, listen to stories about Hon Chong, and watch Hon Chong shimmering under the night lights, listen to the sound of waves.

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