Dai The Gioi Water Park in Saigon

Dai The Gioi Water Park (The Great World Water Park) is an attractive entertainment destination in Ho Chi Minh City for hot days. At this point, you will enjoy the cool blue water, and release all fatigue in life.

Dai The Gioi Water Park
© Dai The Gioi Water Park

The Great World Water Park in HCMC

  • Address: 1106 Vo Van Kiet Street, Ward 5, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Opening hours:
    • Water slide area: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Mon – Fri); 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Sat, Sun, public holidays & summer days).
    • Swimming pool area: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm every day.
  • It has been opened since 1999 with a total area of ​​about 4,000 square meters.
  • And, Dai The Gioi is the largest water park in HCMC.

When talking about the water parks in Ho Chi Minh City, people often mention two famous places: Dai The Gioi Water Park and Dam Sen Water Park. It is because these are the biggest water parks right in the city centre.

Over many years of operation, this place is an attractive point with various enjoyable activities and health care services suitable for both children and adults. This park is also the kingdom of exciting games, promising to give you amazing moments to regain balance, restore health.

Besides, you can also choose the adventurous games or immerse yourself in the cool water to relax. All of these make Dai The Gioi water park attract many tourists to visit.

The attractions of Dai The Gioi water park

The entire area of ​​Dai The Gioi Water Park has two large zones: the waterslide area and the swimming pool zone. 

1. Water slide area

When entering the water slide at Dai The Gioi Water Park, you will see the unique slide system: for children and adults, from the adventurous games to learning activities for those who love to explore. All invested carefully give the most exciting experiences to tourists.

  • Pontoon slide: where you will feel the thrill and excitement feelings, you sit on the pontoon boat to conquer the winding bends. Come to try this slide to get a sudden drop on the lake at the end!
  • Speedway slide: with three high slides, this game will be an ideal one for you to race with friends and relatives. Challenging yourself and experiencing the feeling of victory will be wonderful.
  • Cyclone water slide: here, you will find your teammates to be able to use a train and start the journey in that water pipe.
  • Sand Castle: the area in the covered courtyard. The site never always attracts the kids. Here, the children can enjoy playing games on the smooth sand, building their sandcastle.
  • If the Ha Ha River brings gentle feelings, then Tarzan Lake with a swinging game is where you try to have strong thrills. Next, you can balance on the pontoon bridges over the lake and feel like you are crossing the vast ocean. You can jump quickly to the other shore or drop in the pool.
  • Also, the huge waterfalls suddenly crash into the lake. They will take you from eager feeling to refreshing. And, of course, in seconds, you will sink in this magical Karla waterfall, then reappear as a miracle before the surprised eyes of your friends.

Also, there are many swimming pools with lovely slides, such as a fun lake, angel lake, and elephant lake suitable for your families with young children. This place will make the children feel excited.

In addition to the main water games and exercises, Dai The Gioi Water Park also organizes music, comedy, and magic circus shows every Sunday afternoons. Typically, there are prize-winning movement games, such as Tug of War, a quiz with the World around you, Tarzan kicking a ball in the air, and exciting dance.

2. Pool area

Besides vibrant activities in the waterslide area, the Great World Water Park is also known as a large swimming pool, a great place to relax.

The swimming pool in Dai The Gioi Water Park is equipped with a warm-up gym so that visitors can gently heat their bodies to avoid swimming injuries. The entire swimming pool is designed indoors so you can swim at any time, even in strong sunlight, heavy rain, day or night. That is not a problem.

In particular, the swimming pool also has a neon lighting system, creating a romantic scene, giving tourists joyful feelings. In addition to entertainment services, Dai Gioi water park also has a sauna area, hydraulic massage, foot massage lake, and hot-cold water massage lake. That is great to get healthy.

  • The sauna helps the body to excrete excess substances in the body. It can also kill bacteria and fungi, and support blood to get good circulation, especially reduce excess body fat quickly.
  • A warm and cold massage pool will help you regain balance. The warm-water temperature ranges from 35-40 degrees to alternately massage your body with the hydraulic system. This action can relax the muscles on the body, dispel stress.
  • The cold lake has a temperature of about 10 degrees, which will help you release the heat effectively. This feature can support you to improve your health and resistance. These features attract a large number of visitors to the Dai The Gioi Water Park.

Ticket price at The Great World Water Park in HCMC

1. Ticket price for individual customers

  • Water slide area:
    • For children under 1. 4m: 60,000 VND / ticket.
    • Ticket price for adult: 70,000 VND / ticket.
  • Swimming pool area:
    • For children under 1.4m: 50,000 VND / ticket.
    • Ticket price for adult: 55,000 VND / ticket.
  • The whole area (Combo):
    • For children under 1.4m: 75,000 VND / ticket.
    • Ticket price for adult: 95,000 VND / ticket.

2. Ticket price for the school group from 50 students, please contact them to have a better price.

3. Besides, Dai The Gioi Water Park also sells tickets for swimming monthly: 600,000 VND/month, or 10 times: 450,000VND.

Notes when going to Great World Water Park

  • Since the floor is always wet, you need to be careful to avoid slipping.
  • Also, it is necessary to keep the general hygiene of the water park.
  • If your family has children, you should have an adult with them to ensure safety and play with your babies.
  • At the weekends or public holidays, this water park is crowded with the guest. So, please think twice when you choose to come there during those days.

Dai Gioi water park is not only a fun park in Saigon but also a destination to meet the needs of health training. Typically, this water park is suitable for families with children.

If you plan to go to Ho Chi Minh city, don’t forget to visit this largest water park in Saigon.