10 most attractive fruit gardens near Saigon

Visiting the fruit gardens near Saigon is one of the top choices that many tourists love. While spending time with nature, they can taste the freshest fruits right from the trees.

Let’s go to explore the 10 attractive fruit gardens near Ho Chi Minh City!

1. Trung An Fruit Garden in Cu Chi

trung an fruit garden
© Vuon Trai Cai Trung An Cu Chi

Cu Chi District has a famous tourist attraction of Cu Chi Tunnels, and is known as ecotourism of the fruit garden. Trung An Fruit Garden belongs to Cu Chi District, about 30 km from the centre of Ho Chi Minh City. The fruit season here is from in the middle of April. If you visit Trung An Fruit Garden, you can taste different tropical fruits, and also enjoy other specialties of Cu Chi.

You can come here with your relatives to spend all day, have fun, relax, and can walk on the roads under the shade of green trees. The most joyful activity is to pick up the fruits and eat sweet rambutan.

There are many gardens in Trung An Commutes of Cu Chi district that welcome you with a small fee, from 30,000 to 50,000 VND. They are the fruit garden of Ong 8 Da, Tu Tuan, Bay Trieu, Uncle Tu Huynh, and Sau Duan.

2. Lai Thieu Fruit Garden in Binh Duong

About 20km from the centre of Ho Chi Minh city, Lai Thieu Fruit Garden is one of the famous places to plenty of tourists. Here, the fruit ripening season is from May to August of the solar calendar.

Nothing is better than enjoying the green natural scenery of the garden with an abundance of fruits. They are mangosteen, rambutan, durian, breast milk, and mango. How exciting it is! We can pick up by hand ripe berries and enjoy directly on the chairs and hammocks right next to the trees.

Due to plenty of fruits, Lai Thieu people also have created unique dishes, such as grilled chicken with durian, or shrimp salad with mangosteen. And, many other dishes worth tasting there.

Here are some garden addresses that you can stop: Garden 99, Ba Tam garden, Hong Van Garden, and Be Hai Garden.

3. Long Khanh Tourist Area in Dong Nai

Long Khanh District (Lam Dong Province, around 90km from HCMC) is known for being famous for its luxuriant fruit gardens. The most fruitful season is in June and July of the solar calendar with two outstanding fruits, rambutan, and durian.

During the season, this place is not only bustling with transporting fruit from here to other provinces for sale, but also busy with tourism in recent years. This activity has attracted a large number of travellers to visit and enjoy the fruits at the gardens.

The typical smell of durian is a feature of the gardens. Also, you can climb the tree to pick the fruit yourself so that the garden owner can sell them to you, and then you eat there.

Besides, visiting the fruit gardens, you can enjoy outstanding local dishes, including fried snails with tamarind, Quang noodle, and crab vermicelli. Long Khanh is an ideal place that should not ignore.

Some orchards with entrance fee from 10,000 VND, then you pay for fruits as you can eat there. You may check the fruit gardens: Ut Tieu garden, Di 2 Garden, Vinh Khan Fruit Farm, Cat Anh Garden, Rambutan Garden of 2 Dao, Uncle Loc Garden, and Duy Khanh Garden.

4. Cai Be Fruit Garden in Tien Giang

Tien Giang Province is known as the golden land of fruition trees. The reason is that this area has the rich alluvial soils of the Tien River and Vam Co Dong River with a good climate. Therefore, the fruit trees here are very plentiful.

Cai Be in Tien Giang Province ( 100km from Saigon) is the top fruit gardens in the Mekong Delta, attracting many international tourists, with fruits scattered throughout the year. The ripe fruits come the most time of a year, so whenever you come here, you will have delicious fruits to enjoy.

Cai Be fruit gardens are famous for Hoa Loc mango, durian, and jackfruit. Besides, local food that you cannot ignore when visiting Cai Be includes tasty dishes: fried elephant fish, snakehead fish, stewed chicken with lemongrass, and duck porridge with water spinach.

You may check the fruit gardens of 6 Tan and Tam Loc

5. Vinh Kim Fruit Garden in Tien Giang

Tien Giang Province is famous not only Cai Be but also Vinh Kim fruit garden. Vinh Kim is one of the largest orchards in Tien Giang, supplying all kinds of fruits to the Vietnamese market.

When visiting the orchard, the guests are also introduced to how to plant and take care of some plants. Moving to Vinh Kim fruit garden, you can choose cycling or boat.

Besides the rustic and quiet place in the peaceful countryside, the free picking to taste many typical fruits is a great experience there. The fruits include Go Cong watermelon, Sapodia Mac Bac (Sa-Po-Che), Lo Ren milk apple, Ngu Hiep durian, or Cho Gao dragon fruit. In which, Lo Ren starfruits are the most delicious and tasty there.

Vinh Kim is also famous for typical dishes of the Mekong River region, such as hotpot with water lilies, Tan Phong mussel porridge, grilled fish, boiled vegetables, and Cang Cua salad

6. Cai Mon Garden in Lach market, Ben Tre

Cai Mon is one of the pure Southern villages, so the main job of the people is to grow fruit trees. Currently, Cai Mon Fruit Garden is one of the most beautiful places for travelling by young people in Ben Tre. Around two hours from Ho Chi Minh City, you will have a great vacation there.

Besides visiting and enjoying fruit in the garden, if you can come on the occasion of Tet holidays, you can participate in the fruit festivals. The garden attracts tourists from the first step into the garden with many bunches of ripe fruit. It seems you cannot see the leaves of trees, just fruits.

Cai Mon is also the land of many kinds of ornamental flowers such as marigold, bougainvillea, chrysanthemum, dahlia, carnation, and raspberry. This area provides ornamental flowers for the domestic market and export.

In addition, you can also listen to the melodies of “Don Ca Tai Tu” which are popular music in southern Vietnam. The rhythm of Don Ca Tai Tu is very melodious, but passionate, full of love.

Besides, if you want to participate in the experience of a farmer’s life, you can follow the locals to do some works as they do every day. It will be a joyful trip that will make you unforgettable in the colourful land of Cai Mon.

7. Thoi Son Islet in Tien Giang

Thoi Son isle is a land that nature endows the fertile soils with plenty of large orchards. You will enjoy the feeling of floating on the river and watching the fruit trees on both sides of the river. Besides, you can visit the garden by walking on rocky paths or horse carts around the village of Thoi Son.

On the island, there are some huts as a destination for visitors to rest, enjoy the fresh air. A peaceful life will help you release the stress of a busy life from the big cities.

Tourists also have the opportunity to become farmers through fishing activities here. The gardens in Thoi Son is waiting for you.

8. Tay Quy Islet in Tra Vinh

Tay Quy isle in Tra Vinh Province ( around 160 km from Saigon) is famous for its green region and full of fruit trees. This site has the typical beauty of the Mekong River.

To serve the needs of tourists, many households have renovated their gardens into ecological zones, such as the gardens of Ut Sup, Diem Hen, Sau Non.

Tay Quy is famous for fruits, such as rambutan, durian, mangosteen, custard apple, and pomelo. In particular, the mangosteen here is popular in both domestic and foreign markets for its high quality.

In addition to enjoying a poetic atmosphere and fruit flavours, you can also experience the feeling of cycling, boating to watch the river to watch the beautiful fruit gardens. And, join the locals to go fishing.

9. Con Phung tourist area in Ben Tre

Located on the Tien River, anyone who sets foot on the Con Phung tourist area has a peaceful feeling, comfort, and excitement.

The guests can visit many famous tourist sites, such as the Dao Dua architecture, the coconut museum, the coconut handicraft village, coconut-candy factory.

Also, visitors can visit the crocodile farm, and join with water polo and other games, such as cycling overboard bridge, cable bridge, balancing bridge, visiting bee farm.

Typically, travellers can visit the orchards and listen to the sweet voice with songs Don Ca Tai Tu, the Southern-style of music. When staying in the garden, you can see the peaceful countryside. And, finding the rustic life, by paddling through the shady coconut palms.

10. An Binh Fruit Garden in Vinh Long

An Binh isle in Vinh Long Province (around 160 km from HCMC) is a region surrounded by water. It is an ideal place for you to explore the countryside lifestyle. Coming there, you will be fascinated by the lush garden scenery, and can experience an exciting day.

When visiting Binh An isle, you can experience the seasonal orchards, and freely pick fruits to taste them directly. Another activity is to sit on the boat, and then it runs around will give you unforgettable impressions from a peaceful life.

And, do not forget to enjoy the local food, such as Ban sour soup, Ban dipped in fish sauce, fried elephant fish, each piece of fish is rolled with rice paper with herbs, star fruit, banana dotted with garlic and chilli fish sauce; crispy spring rolls, and grilled snakehead fish.

If one of these fruit gardens is in your itinerary, that is great. If not, please range your time to plan a trip to visit an orchard. You can enjoy the fresh air, green nature, peaceful life, and tasty fresh fruits.