Visit Cu Chi Tunnels to know the typical skills of refuge

The system of Cu Chi tunnels is a famous destitnaion in HCMC and Vietnam. When coming here, you can explore the mysterious tunnels in the ground, take part in games, and enjoy the local dishes.

Cu Chi Tunnels are an ideal destination for those who want to stay away from the noisy city and discover the history of the wartime in Vietnam. And you also see the life of the local people in Cu Chi after the war.

cu chi tunnels
Cu Chi Tunnels | © Chris Sammis/flickr

Let’s go to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels!

Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City

Located 70 km from the centre of Ho Chi Minh City in the northwest of Vietnam, Cu Chi Tunnels was completed in 1965 after expanding the existing tunnel system.

  • Address: TL1, Phu Hieu, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Phone: 028 3794 8830
  • Cu Chi Tunnels is also called Chu Chi or Chi Chi Tunnele. The most correct one is Cu Chi Tunnels.

During the war, the tunnels were a refuge for the South liberation army and the North reinforcements.

Most of these undergrounds locate in Cu Chi district. With a total length of nearly 300km with many different depths, some up to 13 meters deep, the Cu Chi Tunnels are not only a safe haven but also a trap to trick the enemy.

Best time to visit Cu Chi Tunnels

Although Cu Chi Tunnels operates year-round, tourists should avoid the rainy season in the South from May to November. It is because it is very wet; especially, you may get hard when going down the underground.

It means that the dry season is the best time to visit them. Vietnam is a long country, so the dry season in the South and HCMC starts from December to May, and the rest is the rainy season.

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What to visit and do in Cu Chi

There are many sites attracting visitors in the complex of Cu Chi area.

Chu chi tunnels
Visit Cu Chi Tunnels | @rossella_lomuscio

1. Den Dinh Tunnels

The system of Cu Chi Tunnels has two main places to visit: Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc.

Ben Dinh Tunnels situates on Provincial Road 15, which is the base of the Cu Chi District Party Committee. Thanks to the forest and the hard-to-collapse land, near the Saigon River, the District Committee of Cu Chi has chosen Ben Dinh as the main base during the war.

Now, Ben Dinh is the main tourist attraction when travelling to Cu Chi. It is because this place is also close to the city, and the tunnel is easy to go inside.

2. Ben Duoc Area

When coming to Ben Duoc, you can visit the Tam Quan gate (three-door gate), the epitaph writer, the 9-storey tower, and the massive main temple.

In particular, you can burn the incense sticks to commemorate the national heroes who fell on the resilient Cu Chi land.

Ticket price to visit this area: 20,000 VND / Vietnamese guest, 80,000 VND / foreigner.

3. Go under the tunnels

You discover every corner of the famous tunnels in Vietnam and maybe in the whole world.

The tunnel you visit is about 120m long and has two floors, most of which have been expanded for more comfortable guests.

After going all the way to the undergrounds, you can taste cassava with sesame salt and relax at Hoang Cam kitchen.

4. Visit war re-enactment place

If you want to watch the whole war of Cu Chi Tunnels, come to this site. With vivid models, the entire battle of the heroic war has been rebuilt without missing a single detail.

Moreover, there are also famous relics and landscapes of Vietnam restored with beautiful models behind the main hall. These constructions, such as Hue Imperial Capital, One Pillar Pagoda, Saigon Bridge, Long Bien Bridge, Hoang Sa, and Truong Sa islands, give the explorers a strong impression.

5. Shooting painting-gun area

Both Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc in Cu Chi Tunnels have shooting areas for the guests who want to experience shooting live bullets.

The mandatory requirement for participating in the painting-gun game is that you must be in good health and be older than 16 years.

As the most popular area, the ticket to visit the shooting painting-gun area is 50,000 VND / 60 minutes of the service fee.

The price of each painting bullet is 5,000 VND per one. A chain of painting AK has 25 bullets, M16 is 20 shots, and painting pistols are 7 bullets.

6. Swimming pool area simulating the East Sea

Visitors can relax and swim in the cool water in the swimming pool that simulates the East Sea after visiting the tunnels or doing fun activities here. From the tunnel area, you only need to travel by tram 5 minutes to get there. The ticket price is 20,000 VND / person.

7. Trung An fruit garden

Besides exploring and swimming, you can visit Trung An fruit garden to enjoy fresh fruits. There is also a hut in the garden, which is a suitable place for picnics when travelling in large groups or families.

8. Visiting the wildlife rescue station

The station is to rescue and treat the wildlife before returning them to the wild. The rescue station is between Ben Dinh and Ben Duolc, about 1km from the tunnels, and it is also a famous place near Saigon, so many tourists stop to visit here.

Since its inception, the station has saved about 3,600 animals. Therefore, you may stop here to visit this place so that you can understand more about the work of those who protect wild animals.

Address: 202/10 Nguyen Xi, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, HCMC.

What to eat and drink in Cu Chi

Here is some local food that you can taste in Cu Chi:

chi chi tunnels
Cassava at Cu Chi Tunnels | @dikhapvietnam
  • Boiled cassava: This was the main food of the liberation army during the war due to the food shortage at the time. When eating cassava, you will dip it with ground peanuts/sesame, sugar, and coconut.
  • Cu Chi Beef at Bo To Xuan Dao Restaurant ( 700 Nguyen Giao, Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City; opening hours: 7 am – 9 pm): You can taste the boiled beef rolled with vegetables, grilled beef, beef porridge … The price is about 100,000-150,000 VND / set.
  • Durian sugarcane juice: is one of the typical drinks, selling from 6:00 am – 8:00 pm. The price is about 10,000 VND / glass.

What should we buy as a gift?

1. Bullet souvenirs: Through the skilful hands of the artisans, the bullet skins have turned into amazingly beautiful souvenirs such as keychains, and lighters. Visitors can choose for themselves, their families, and friends of these small but valuable gifts.

2. Fruit: Cu Chi is famous for many specialty fruits such as rambutan and mangosteen. The guests can buy as gifts for relatives. Visitors also enjoy the atmosphere fresh in the fruit garden.

A few notes when visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels

  • There are no rules for dress codes when visiting the Cu Chi Tunnel. However, you should wear neat and dark clothes so that you will not have to struggle to keep your clothes clean when you go into the tunnel.
  • Prepare a pair of comfortable sneakers because you will walk to many areas in the Cu Chi Tunnels.
  • Carry sunscreen and insect repellent spray.
  • In the rainy season (May to November), although the tunnels are not flooded, visiting during that time is not very convenient. It is because there will be a lot of mud.
  • During Tet, Cu Chi Tunnels still welcome guests.
  • The tourists who fear tight space and high blood pressure are strongly advised not to enter the small tunnels. Please choose the wider distance of the undergrounds to visit.

To have an exciting journey, please plan to visit sightseeing carefully! With our shares, we help you design your trip to Cu Chi Tunnels perfectly.

Will you come to the Cu Chi tunnels during your holidays in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam?