Binh Tay Market in Ho Chi Minh City

If once you have the opportunity to visit the magnificent city of Saigon, visit the bustling Binh Tay market. Take a walk around to explore in the fun atmosphere, admire the unique architecture of the market. And do not hesitate to buy a small gift or enjoy the specialties of the Southern region at the Binh Tay market.

Binh Tay Market
Binh Tay Market | @thuyboeing

Cho Lon Market in Chinatown

  • Address: 57A Thap Muoi – Ward 2, District 6, Tp. Ho Chi Minh City
  • Opening hours: 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Phone: 0283 857 15 12 – 0283 855 61 30
  • Website:
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1. A brief history of the formation of the Binh Tay market in Ho Chi Minh City

Binh Tay Market is one of the oldest markets in Ho Chi Minh City. The market has a history of nearly 100 years. A wealthy merchant from China built it, and the people often refer to him as Quach Dam.

Today, at the Binh Tay market, there is still a statue of him to commemorate the merits of his market construction.

Previously, there was Cho Moi in Saigon where the traders came to exchange goods. But after a period of operation, Cho Moi became too narrow because the business was busier and busier.

The wealthy trader Quach Dam spent his own money to build a bigger market than Cho Moi, so many people also call it Cho Lon, which is another name of Binh Tay Market. This market was started construction in 1928 after two years, and in 1930, this site was officially completed and put into use.

In 1992, the local authority agreed Binh Tay market was restored because of degradation. The building has been kept the old architecture, still retaining its original beauty.

By 2006, the Binh Tay market was expanded two more blocks on Le Tan Ke and Tran Binh streets, which are better to serve the needs of people in the western regions of HCMC as well as neighbouring provinces. The floor of the market is covered with green tiles to create a cool and airy space.

2. Discover the unique architecture of the Binh Tan market

Binh Tan Market covers an area of ​​about 25,000 square meters and has an octagonal shape. The front of the market is 90 meters long and 13 meters high. This trading centre is uniquely designed to create an airy and spacious space, convenient for people to buy and sell.

Tan Binh Market has 12 ordinary gates and a large main gate directly opposite to the Cho Lon bus station. Because near the bus station, this favourable condition helps traders organize the business better from importing to transporting goods.

When entering the building, visitors may be overwhelmed by the size of the market. Binh Tay Market has nearly 2,400 stalls, including upstairs and downstairs, with a variety of goods for sale.

From the outside of Binh Tay, the guests will be impressed with the tall tower standing out in the middle of the market, surrounded by a four-sided tower with clocks designed synchronously in both design and style.

The buildings of the Binh Tay Market were built in a Chinese architectural style, because the old Chinese traders put all their heart and energy to start construction on the market. Although its appearance bears an oriental imprint, the Binh Tan market follows to French techniques.

It can be said that the Binh Tan market is not only the oldest place but also a beautiful and outstanding architecture to compare with other markets in Saigon.

Binh Tay Market has a tiled roof with stacking layers to create a cool space. The patterns decorated on its buildings are delicately designed to the smallest details. The most impressive thing is the dragons on the roof, which is very specific to Eastern culture.

A unique feature is that in the middle of Binh Tay Market is a spacious and airy courtyard, where there are stone chairs for people when passing here can stop to rest. This difference is to compare with other busy and narrow markets in Ho Chi Minh City. This small feature crates the simple beauty of this place.

The large Binh Tay market consists of 4 fronts, all bordering on different roads, such as Le Tan Ke Street, Tran Binh Street, Thap Muoi Street, and Phan Van Khoe Street. This condition makes traders more convenient in trading goods.

This shopping place is bustling with people in and out. Every year, the number of tourists visiting the Binh Tay market is more crowded. So the people have recognized Binh Bay Market is the busiest one in Saigon.

3. Fun experiences when visiting Binh Tay market

Binh Tay market is open most of the day and all day. This market is crowded in the daytime, and also bustling at night, more sparkling and romantic.

Binh Tay Market has a sincere beauty that captivates the hearts of people. Coming there, tourists can know more about the lovely lifestyle of the people in Saigon. And, try the wonderful feeling when walking around the Binh Tay market at night. Because this is the moment the market becomes magically beautiful.

Besides, Binh Tay Market attracts visitors by the flavorful food, which is ready to conquer any fastidious diners. You will have an opportunity to enjoy tasty dishes with a strong flavour of Mekong Delta, and maybe you like to come back here more. Stop to enjoy a hot bowl of porridge or the bamboo shoot noodle dish. And, in the afternoon, you can have wet cakes or well-cooked duck.

Also, the Binh Tay market fascinates visitors by the stalls full of fresh fruit. These are the specialty fruits of the Southern region of Vietnam. You can choose the fruits as gifts such as Hoa Loc mango, Nam Roi Pomelo, or Vinh Long rambutan.

4. Frequent asked questions about the Binh Tay Market

What is another name of Binh Tay Market?
Many people also call it Cho Lon. Cho Lon means the big market to compare with the older shopping center near its location.

Where is the statue of Quach Dam who built the first market?
Right in the resting area, there is the statue of Quach Dam who built the first market in Chinatown in Saigon. Around that space, visitors can rest and see the lotus pond while resting.

How is Binh Tay vs Ben Thanh Market?
Binh Tay is one of the old retail and wholesale market, serving more local people. Ben Thanh Market is much famous for tourists because it locates in the city center of District 1 Ho Chi Minh City.