Top beautiful 4-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City

Are you planning your trip to Saigon, but do not know which hotel to choose yet? Here are the top 4 star hotels in HCMC for you to choose from.

1. Fusion Suites Saigon

Fusion Suites Saigon
© Fusion Suites Saigon

Fusion Suites Saigon is very popular for couples when they have holidays in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The most charming feature of this hotel is the luxurious interior design of the bedrooms. The materials mainly from wood create a warm atmosphere, giving you a peaceful and comfortable moment. In particular, many customers like the clean and beautiful bathroom, elegant bathtub and shower, and carefully-washed white towels. Also, the reception is elegantly area, which is a lovely place for you to feel comfortable checking in.

Extra services at Fusion Suites Saigon include massage rooms and body care for customers. Breakfast is attentively served with different food, full of Asian dishes for you to choose freely. The Fresh restaurant in the lobby is also lovely with a romantic and cozy space.

  • Address: 3 -5 Suong Nguyet Anh Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Phone: 028 3925 7257
  • Website:

2. Orchids Saigon Hotel

Orchids Saigon Hotel
© Orchids Saigon Hotel

The top 4-star hotel is the Orchids Saigon Hotel. Its location is very convenient for you to visit and experience famous landmarks in the city, such as Notre Dame Cathedral, and Nguyen Hue Walking Street.

When staying here, you will enjoy the luxurious service like in the European heaven in the heart of Ho Chi Minh city. The hotel has an eye-catching interior design, using mainly wood materials with light colours, creating a warm feeling. The rooms here are clean, white blankets, and a lovely orchid basket.

The hotel also arranges a lovely space with airy rooms and colourful orchid baskets, geat for looking with a cup of tea to enjoy life. Besides, the clean swimming pool is sparkling with sunlight for you to swim comfortably, which is one of the top hotels in Saigon with beautiful pools.

The staff is friendly and polite. You will be served fresh lemongrass juice while waiting for room registration. Typically, the price of the hotel is quite good compared to the market, and there are also many promotions for customers.

  • Address: 192 Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Phone: 028 3636 5222

3. Silverland Yen Hotel

Silverland Yen Hotel
© Silverland Yen Hotel

Silverland Yen Hotel also comes to the top 4-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, where every step you can see a super-high charming corner.

When looking from the outside of the hotel, a real green space stretches out before your eyes. Each room has a balcony with green trees. The bedroom is quite large, spacious with a full range of modern facilities. In particular, you are served a free fruit plate upon check-in here, very thoughtful, right?

You can find good care with some tools for you to exercise, such as a treadmill, or lifting weights. Blue swimming pool faces the busy streets, and of course, a beverage bar in the hotel gives you great relaxation moments.

4. D1Mension Residences

D1Mension Residences
© D1Mension Residences

The D1Mension Residences has long been a big hit among the top 4-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City.

Right at the entrance to the hotel creates a feeling of luxury and sophistication. The D1Mension Residences sparkles with two colours of yellow and pink, surrounding green plant baskets. Besides, the lighting system at the hotel is impressive with a warm yellow one. There is only one word of elegant to say about the rooms at D1Mension, minimalist in white and black colours. Typically, each room has a kitchenette for customers to cook for themselves.

D1Mension Residences is close to night markets, grocery stores, airports, and museums, so it is convenient for your travel. In particular, the infinity swimming pool is luxurious, which is the perfect place for swimming and relaxing. This 4-star hotel has long been known for its professional staff and customer care.

5. Lief Mojo Saigon

Lief Mojo Saigon
© Lief Mojo Saigon

Lief Mojo Saigon will be the right choice for sweet and casual customers who love lovely pastel styles.

There is no prime location in the heart of the city, but Lief Mojo has never disappointed its guests by its sincere devotion. Right on the front porch of the hotel, we have seen a cute space, two lovely green statues that take the friendly look of the visitors.

The hotel has three pastel colours: blue, pink, and yellow. Everywhere in the hotel covers the beautiful colours, on the pillow, the table, and even the beautiful check-in corner. The room at Lief Mojo is not too big but famous for its cleanliness. A minibar and kitchenette are also available to use. The balcony overlooks the road to welcome cool air for the rooms.

Also, a fruit plate and healthy drinks are served free of charge to guests by Lief Mojo. Breakfast is full of local dishes in Ho Chi Minh City. Bothe a cozy space and the enthusiasm of the hotel staff make you feel warm when staying at Lief Mojo Saigon.

  • Address: 8A/3C1, Thai Van Lung Street, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Phone: 028 3821 4219
  • Website:

6. Maison De Camille Boutique Hotel

Maison De Camille Boutique Hotel
© Maison De Camille Boutique Hotel

The hotel that has a luxurious European and American design is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable place.

The panoramic view from the hotel helps the guests feel better when staying with Maison De Camille. The hotel the elegance by covering the pure white colour mixed with the green of several plant pots.

The rooms are filled with coziness, colourful bedspreads, wooden chairs, fragrant flower vases, and a teapot ready to serve. Besides, the U-style bathtub is also a pleasant experience for the guests. Also, some rooms have a terrace with pillows available, some latest digital magazines, and on-demand food and drinks. What a very romantic site!

It is famous here for a very flavorful coffee at breakfast. You can freely choose breakfast with varied dishes. Also, some indoor games such as darts and soccer tables are served ing Maison De Camille.

  • Address: 174/21 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Phone: 028 3840 3379
  • Website:

7. Alagon Central Hotel & Spa

Alagon Central Hotel & Spa
© Alagon Central Hotel & Spa

Alagon Central Hotel & Spa offers a great experience for anyone who has the holidays in Saigon.

Right in the hotel lobby, there is a small library with different books. The rooms of Alagon Central Hotel has white beds and simple pillows but create a sense of elegance and dignity. It is also worth mentioning here that the tasty buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Besides, two swimming pools and a minibar give the guests an ideal relaxation. Every corner here is covered with green trees, sparkling with warm yellow light. The staff is very kind and takes care of any requests from the guests. 

  • Address: 62-64 Pham Hong Thai, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Phone: 083 824 5888
  • Website:

8. Ibis Saigon Airport

Ibis Saigon Airport
© Ibis Saigon Airport

Ibis is one of the best candidates in the top 4-star luxury hotels in Ho Chi Minh City.

Only about 500m from Tan Son Nhat airport, this place is very convenient for travelling. The guests do not worry about missing flights.

The bedroom with a unique design, two principle colours of red and black, is so cute. The hotel has lovely decorative details of aircraft. Ibis Saigon Airport is a comfortable and ideal place for you to relax after a long flight. Besides, the rooftop bar and swimming pool with a direct view of the airport will give you the best experience.

The hotel’s gym is available for you to work out. Also, the steam bath and many care services await you at Ibis. Oopen restaurant serves a tasty breakfast buffet, along with impressive chefs and staff.

  • Address: 2 Hong Ha, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • Phone: 028 3848 5556
  • Website: Ibis Saigon Airport

9. The Alcove Library Hotel

The Alcove Library Hotel
© The Alcove Library Hotel

Right from the hotel name has given us an impressive-feeling filled with the title of the books and a library. The Alcove Library Hotel is not rhetoric, in contrast simply lovely with a black iron gate and a beautiful sign.

True to its name, the space is warm and sunny, filled with a wide variety of books, allows customers to borrow them freely.

The room is clean with white colour, but fully equipped facilities, such as welcome drinks, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, and a relaxing bathroom. In addition, at the suite rooms, the hotel arranged a beautiful small kitchen for guests to cook for themselves.

Bookmark restaurant serves Asian and European dishes with a cozy area and beautiful views around. Its staff provides enthusiastic advice when you need to help. It is revealing that Alcove is a romantic wedding photography place used by many young couples.

  • Address: 133A Nguyen Dinh Chinh Street, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Phone: 028 6256 9966
  • Website:

The above list of top beautiful 4-star hotels will help your trip to visit famous attractions in Ho Chi Minh more perfect. Choose one of them to stay during your time in Saigon!

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