Top luxury 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City

You are ranging your time to travel to Ho Chi Minh and need to find luxurious accommodations with high-class services. Here are the top luxury 5-star hotels with high quality in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

1. The Majestic Hotel

The Majestic Hotel
© Majestic Hotel Saigon

The top list of the best 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City is the Majestic Hotel, which is the oldest luxury hotel in this city.

The hotel is designed in the style of French architecture. Since its construction up to now, Majestic Hotel has retained its splendour and lavish beauty despite passing the decades.

In 2011, Majestic Hotel carried out a project to build and expand two 24 and 27-storey buildings with 353 luxury rooms. Each room is decorated and has an elegant interior design with high-class amenities.

The attentive and dedicated staff will satisfy all customers, even the most demanding customers.

Besides, the Majestic Hotel is the first 5-star hotel invested and operated by the Vietnamese. This place will be the ideal destination for you, where you can stop over if you are planning to visit the beautiful city of Saigon.

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2. Rex Hotel

Rex Hotel
© Rex Hotel

Along with the Majestic Hotel, the Rex Hotel is also in the list of the oldest five-star hotels. Rex Hotel is always busy, welcoming tourists all over the world.

5-star Rex Hotel consists of 286 luxury rooms, 8 function rooms, conferences, and 5 bars and restaurants, meeting all the needs of tourists and businessmen.

The hotel staff is well trained and professional. The staff here can communicate fluently in foreign languages ​​to bring the most exciting experience for both domestic and international customers.

That is why every guest coming here is impressed by the perfect service of the hotel. Rex Hotel will be a great choice for your family when travelling to Saigon.

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3. Caravelle Hotel

Caravelle Hotel
© Caravelle Hotel

Caravelle Hotel was voted as one of the 5-star hotels with the most impressive design. The hotel is a combination of Vietnamese and Franch architecture, which has created a unique and attractive style.

The hotel includes 335 rooms, an outdoor restaurant, and a swimming pool. Each one is decorated in luxurious and elegant models, creating a sense of comfort for the guests.

The air-conditioned rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows so that the guests can enjoy a panoramic view of Saigon’s bustling city during the day and at night. The customers can enjoy tasty food while watching the magnificent streets of Ho Chi Minh City.

With a system of world-class quality restaurants, each meal here includes dishes served in 2 styles: One is a popular buffet at Restaurant Nineteen, and the other is a premium style at Reflections Restaurant.

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4. Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Hotel
© Sheraton Hotel

The Sheraton Hotel locates in the busiest commercial centre of Ho Chi Minh City. Sheraton Hotel provides customers with a comfortable, luxurious bedroom and many convenient services. Each room has a lavish European interior style.

The food served at the hotel is also flavorful and eye-catching. The dishes here are the combination of many typical cuisines around the world, including France, America, Russia, and many other countries. Typically, you can find the unique culinary of Vietnam in colourful and tasty dishes.

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  • Address: 88 Dong Khoi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Phone: 028 3827 2828
  • Website: Sheraton Hotel Saigon

5. Continental Hotel

Continental Hotel
© Continental Hotel

Continental Hotel locates on the crowded Dong Khoi street that is always busy with passersby. Near the famous sightseeing places, the Saigon Opera House and the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Continental Hotel retains its ancient and majestic appearance over time.

The hotel has a spacious and airy area. All rooms have a delicate and courteous style, giving customers the most comfortable feelings. The hotel has three room classes, including Premium, Deluxe and Junior.

The guests of the hotel can enjoy on-site features like internet access, television LCD / plasma screen, free Wi-Fi. Also, each room here has a magnetic key to improve privacy and ensure the safety of customers.

The hotel also owns a team of experienced staff with proficient foreign language skills, which will serve customers in the most thoughtful and dedicated manner.

Contact details:

  • Address: 132 – 134 Dong Khoi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Phone: 0283 829 9201
  • Email:
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6. New World Hotel Saigon

New Wold Hotel Saigon
© New Wold Hotel Saigon

New World Hotel has always received the favourite votes of thousands of tourists from all over the world. And it has won many awards from famous travel magazines. With New World, you will experience the high class of a 5-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

The guests can comfortably rest in the luxury bedrooms, enjoy the most special care of the hotel. Besides, the hotel also has professional chefs who can serve flavorful dishes of Vietnam and other countries in the world.

The dishes will be served anywhere and anytime when the guests request. Thoughtful service, professional staff, and perfect utility services here will satisfy you and your family.

Contact details:

  • Address: 76 Le Lai, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Phone: 0283 822 8888
  • Website: New World Hotel Saigon

7. Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon

Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon
© Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon

Renaissance Riverside Hotel is one of the most famous 5-star hotels in Vietnam and the largest in Ho Chi Minh City. The hotel situates next to the romantic river, giving the customers the whole sparkling night, and the romantic beauty.

Renaissance Riverside Hotel consists of 21 floors with 349 bedrooms. In which, there are 21 rooms with river scene and entire city view. The hotel also has plenty of convenient services to serve tourists, such as sauna, massage, and yoga. Tourists can enjoy the most comfortable moments with the most modern and specialized equipment.

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8. Chloe Gallery Hotel Ho Chi Minh

chloe gallery hotel HCMC
© Chloe Gallery Hotel

Referring to the list of 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, it is impossible to ignore the Chloe Gallery Hotel. This hotel situates in the middle of the cultural and commercial centre of Phu My Hung.

The hotel has a harmonious combination of the delicate and romantic style, making the guests joyful when staying here. This hotel also has a spacious spa area, a movie theatre, a gym, and an outdoor swimming pool.

In addition, the hotel also has a cigar smoking area. TChloe Gallery is a perfect choice for those who want to have the best moments at the 5-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

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  • Address: 6 Phan Van Chuong Street, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Phone: 034 554 3741
  • Website:

9. Hotel Equatorial Ho Chi Minh City

Hotel Equatorial Ho Chi Minh City
© Hotel Equatorial Ho Chi Minh City

Hotel Equatorial Ho Chi Minh City includes 333 rooms, 6 restaurants, and a large conference room that can accommodate up to 1200 people. Each room looks lavish.

This 5-star hotel also has a spa, fitness room, and massage services for the guests. This place own a lovely swimming pool, making it become one of beautiful Saigon hotels with the pool. The lovely and friendly hotel staff will bring you the closest warm feeling as possible.

In general, every little detail is paid special attention to the hotel. This feature has satisfied all customers when spending overnight here.

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Which 5-star hotel will you choose to spend your holidays in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam?

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