Tao Dan Park: a green oasis in Saigon City Center

For exciting walks in a bustling city like Saigon, Tao Dan Park is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the wind on hot days. With more than 1,000 trees of all kinds in a 10-hectare area, the park creates a cool green space amidst the busy city. Enjoy a relaxing moment in one of the best parks in Ho Chi Minh City, with open spaces, a children’s playground, and beautiful gardens.

Tao Dan Park
Tao Dan Park | @yosoykamal

Let’s go to explore it!

Tao Dan park

Address: 55C Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Tao Dan Park is one of the top parks in the list of the largest and most beautiful parks in Saigon. With an area larger than 10 hectares with dense greenery, this place is like a green lung in the heart of a crowded city, attracting a lot of the locals to exercise and go for a walk. It is wonderful to have fun in the early morning or late afternoon.

The best time to come to Tao Dan Park

Tao Dan Park, as well as most parks in Saigon, attract people in the early morning when the sun has not yet appeared. When the first lights begin to shine, warmth gradually takes the place of the lingering night mist. At this time, take a walk around the park and watch the people practising exercise, playing sports, and training tai chi.

Training exercise
Training exercise at Tao Dan Park | @yosago_vn

Another reason to visit the park in the early morning is the chirping of birds as if to welcome a new day and wish it a good day. The people taking care of birds from all over Ho Chi Minh City bring birds to the park every morning to practice their voices. The sparrows chirped around 8:00 a.m every day.

History of Tao Dan Park

Firstly, this land is in the section of the Governor-General of France. In 1869 the French built the Miss Clavell road separating the gardens from the Palace. The other three sides are Chasseloup-Laubat street to the north, Verdun road to the west, and Taberd to the south. The garden was officially titled “Jardin de la Ville”, but Vietnamese people know it as “Ong Thuong Garden” or “Garden of Bo-Ro”. It perhaps is a French transliteration of préau, meaning a tiled yard.

After 1954, after the French went back to their country, the South Government changed the name of the park into Tao Dan, which is the name of the poem group of Le Thanh Tong in the 15th century.

Although Tao Dan Park has changed the names and the organizations of the gardens, most of the big trees still live and make shade for the city. 

Through many periods with the management of many different units, but Tao Dan Park still retains its basic design. The park is a green lung in the city centre with an area of ​​10 hectares and over 100 types of old trees. The garden has created a relaxing space for pedestrians to breathe fresh air.

What attracts tourists in Tao Dan Park?

Tao Dan Park has a children’s playground with an area of 300m2. The playing site has different games for kids to enjoy the fun and help them do activities, which is on the side of Truong Dinh Street. 

Playground at Tao Dan Park
Playground at Tao Dan Park | @chuchuphung

Tao Dan Park is a quiet and fresh space welcoming tourists as well as the local people to relax every day. You can sit on a bench to chat with friends, or have a picnic on the wide lawns of the park.

Inside the park, there is also a memorial area for Hung Kings and a small Cham tower. So, you can explore the architecture of these buildings, because they were built with traditional style.

Hung Temple at Tao Dan
Hung Temple at Tao Dan | @phan.tuan_

And, there is an ancient grave built in 1895. It is said that the grave of Mr Lam Tam Lang (died in the autumn of 1795) and Mrs Mai Thi Xa, his wife. In 2014, the City Committee organized the ancient tomb as a historical relic of the city.

Many people come here in the early morning and late afternoon. Looking at them train exercise in the park is one of the interesting activities.

However, in the evening, the park is somewhat quieter, but there is no shortage of people walking. Thus, be careful if you pass the park at night. It is better not to come to this park when it’s dark.

Bird Coffee
Bird Coffee in Tao Dan Park | @the_bezt_adventures

In the day time, there is a typical café called Bird Coffee, which is a way to sit and see the birds singing while tasting the coffee. Many local people like this style of coffee, because it is exciting and they like birds. You can come to try this coffee style. However, the quality of the coffee is not good, so just come to see and listen to the birds’ songs. If you like to taste better coffee, you can some to other beautiful cafés in Saigon.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tao Dan Park

What time does Tao Dan Park open?

Some services at Tao Dan Park open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, such as coffee shops, and playgrounds for children. But, the local people can come here in the early to train exercise. Please note that we do not recommend you to come there when it is dark for safety.

How long can I spend at Tao Dan park?

You can send your time as long as you want in the park. It is because Tao Dan is a good place for relaxing at the day time. But, it is better to stop around 1 hour, the rest of time is to visit other famous tourist places in Saigon.

Which attractions are close to Tao Dan Park?

Many famous attractions near Tao Dan Park include: