7 beautiful beaches in Da Nang City

Da Nang stays along the coasts, owning plenty of beautiful beaches. This city has become one of the top beach travel for guests to spend their holidays in charming places.

Here are the top 7 beautiful beaches in Da Nang that you may want to spend time with.

beach in da nang
Da Nang Beach | © ExoticTravelVietnam

1. My Khe Beach

My Khe beach is also one of 10 Asian beaches to visit. My Khe has soft white sand, clear blue water, light waves, and smoothness.

This beach is poetic and very romantic in 4 seasons all year round, surrounded by green coconut trees.

Moreover, My Khe beach is not too deep with soft waves, creating good conditions for recreational games, surfing, beach volleyball, swimming, water motorcycle.

Besides, transportation to My Khe beach is very convenient because Da Nang city has developed a big system of roads to connect the beaches and to other destinations.

Also, many restaurants of My Khe, luxurious hotels and resorts locates at this beach, serving tourists the best when spending their holidays in My Khe.

2. Bai Rang Beach

Located on the Son Tra peninsula, only 5 km from the city center, it is not difficult to find the way to Rang Beach.

Bai Rang beach in Danang has not been exploited for tourism much, so it almost retains the pristine beauty. White sand, smooth, clear blue water,  shallow level, so visitors can enjoy a wonderful time on this beach without being too afraid of danger.

In particular, the large rocky outcrops in the sun and the salty scent of the sea have created an attraction for Bai Rang.

The tiny bamboo bridge connects the cliffs covered with green moss. You can sit on it, enjoy the charming scenery, watch the sunrise (or sunset), or simply take a few photos.

Typically, Bai Rang is quite empty, so playing and relaxing is also more comfortable. Therefore, you can bring food and enjoy it like a real picnic with your family or friends. Find your heaven with Bai Rang!

3. Black Stone Beach

Like Bai Rang, Da Den beach attracts tourists mainly because of its wild, tranquil look, far removed from the bustling and noisy city of Da Nang. The pristine features of this beach on the Son Tra peninsula has not been popular yet.

The terrain consists of many large rocks stacked on top of each other. Typically, all of them are black. So, the local people name this beach as Bai Da Den (black stone beach).

Green bushes surround the fine yellow sand. You can enjoy the cool feeling of blue seawater and gentle waves, sunbathe on the fine sand, or just take your time to rest there.

Moreover, when coming to this beach, you can join the activities, such as volleyball, surfing, and scuba diving to see beautiful colorful coral reefs.

On the Northside of Son Tra peninsula, Den Da Den still retains its original, pure look as in the beginning, completely separated from the hustling atmosphere.

If you want to enjoy a fresh and gentle space, forget the fatigue of everyday life, you should go to Da Den Beach right away.

4. Lang Van Beach

Lang Van Beach is currently one of the most popular tourist attractions in Da Nang. Not only because of its romantic beauty, but this beach owns a challenge for travelers.

Van village is also known as the lepper village, formerly where leprosy patients lived, separated from the outside world. But since they were cured successfully, the people moved to other places to live.

Lang Van beach looks like a pearl shimmering brightly by its hidden beauty. Quiet, filled with peaceful and wild charm. You can find a white sandy beach, clear and green water, and golden sunlight covering the willow rows.

Nestled on the slopes of Hai Van Pass, the road to Van Village is quite hard, rocky, bumpy. The water is quite deep, so a few groups visit Van Village beach.

But this is an exciting experience for backpackers. Go fishing, enjoy the cool breeze, chat with your friends, and have a wonderful night in the small village.  And there are more interesting things waiting for you at Lang Van beach.

5. Nam O Beach

About 13km from the city center, Nam O Beach is no stranger to Da Nang people, but it is a new and exciting stop for tourists visiting this place.

Nam O Beach, or as it is often called Nam O Reef, impresses visitors by its large rocks, covered with green moss, much different from other beaches.

Coming here, feeling the warm sand at your feet, the salty wind, the clear blue sea is a great experience. The fresh air here can ease any worries and difficulties.

Besides, you will be able to enjoy fun moments with friends as much as possible with games such as swimming, rowing, or diving, watching the coral reefs.

6. Non Nuoc Beach

If you have come to Da Nang, you should visit Non Nuoc beach once to feel another aspect of Da Nang, calm and peaceful like the clear blue water under the sky.

Described as silk around the foot of the Marble Mountains, Non Nuoc beach is an ideal place to have fun with family or friends.

The sand strip extends to more than 5 km, smooth white, striking with the green color of the sea. The space is peaceful, harmonious between sunshine and sea breeze, making our mind and body melt into space, getting rid of everyday fatigue and worries.

Lovely coconut huts line up in front of the green water. You can rest, read a book, chat with friends after a long day of visiting. Besides, the casuarina forest behind is also an exciting place for those who like to be alone to get leisure.

7. Bac My An Beach

Bac My An Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, about 7km southeast of the city center. Because of the attractive and charming beauty of this world-class place, each year, this beach welcomes thousands of tourists.

The fine white sand is more than 4km, clear blue sea water, especially the water temperature is warm all year round, very suitable for swimming at any time of the year.

The sunset scene at Bac My An beach is beautiful, making the atmosphere peaceful after the noise day.

Besides, Bac My An beach has a lot of activities, such as canoeing, surfing, beach volleyball. Or you lie on a chair to enjoy the cool air from the sea.

Plenty of hotels along Bac My An beach invite you to spend overnight, creating an ideal chance to enjoy the lovely sunrise on the beach.

What are you waiting for? Carrying your backpack and enjoying peaceful beaches in Danang will give you unforgettable memories.