Suoi Tien Theme Park

Suoi Tien Theme Park is a famous tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh City, attracting millions of visitors each year. It is busy on the public holidays on weekends because many families with children like to choose this place to spend their time.

Suoi Tien Theme Park
© Suoi Tien Theme Park

Let’s go to visit this theme park…

Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park in HCMC

  • Address: 120 Xa Lo Ha Noi, Tan Phu Ward, District 9, HCMC
  • Year of opening: Sep 1995
  • Opening hours: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm, every day
  • Phone: 028 3896 0260
  • Entrance fee: Adults: 90,000 VDN /ticket, and children (under 1.4m): 45,000 VND /ticket

Suoi Tien Amuseument Park is a big entertainment complex in Ho Chi Minh City. Previously, Suoi Tien Aare was a wildland, sparsely populated with small streams hidden in nature.

After the investment, this site has become one of the hottest destinations in Saigon and South Vietnam for both domestic and foreign tourists. All architectural works in Suoi Tien were built with the desire to educate the children and inspire visitors about the history and national culture.

This theme park is famous for its architectural style and many playgrounds, designed with the Vietnamese historical stories and images of legendary, such as Lac Long Quan – Au Co, King Hung, the legend of hundreds of eggs, Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh, Banh Chung cake, etc.

Typically, this is has a big water park and Tien Dong beach. Tien Dong beach is the first artificial sea in Vietnam.

With an area of ​​105ha, plenty of impressive works, diversified entertainment models, Suoi Tien Theme Park is waiting for you.

Attractive entertainment areas in Suoi Tien

The first impression that Suoi Tien gives to everyone is the poetic and charming beauty of a huge nature.

In a spacious green space, there is a small stream of murmuring water, a vast forest with birds singing in harmony with the scenery of a quiet aquarium. 

Suoi Tien Theme Park is an ideal place in the bustling city, giving children so much fun. However, do not let its beauty attract you too long. You spend your time enjoying the most entertaining games in this area.

1. Tien Dong – Ngoc Nu Beach

Suoi Tein Park
A swimming area with seawater | © Suoi Tien Theme Park

The first artificial sea in Vietnam is a wide swimming pool, so you will be surprised to know that the seawater is brought from Vung Tau and handled by Russian experts.

With an area of ​​nearly 15,000m2 and built as a real beach, including white sand and blue sea, you can immerse yourself in the cool water. 

Do not think artificial sea without waves! The sea has the ability to create waves of over 1m. At the beach area, you can join the speed slides, or keeping balance on the water. During hot days, this will be an ideal tourist destination.

2. Zoo

Suoi Tien Zoo is a popular place for children. Although it is smaller than Thao Cam Vien, it is a good site to see to explore the world of animals, visit the wildlife that you only see on the internet or TV. That is so great about coming here and watching the exciting performances of intelligent monkeys and dogs.

Distinctly, when visiting Suoi Tien zoo, you will be able to walk on beautiful bridges in green space and watch the crocodiles. You can see them while they try to catch the food.

3. Aquarium

Coming to the Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park, visitors have the opportunity to explore the most unique and largest aquarium in Vietnam.

Aquarium of Suoi Tien is specially designed inside the shape of a dragon. When entering it, you seem to lose in the miniature ocean. Therefore, you can watch more than 100 species of sea creatures swimming in glass tanks, about 40 species of anemones, corals, and many fishes.

4. Snow castle

In the middle of the sunny Saigon, nearly 40 degrees Celsius, you do not need to go far away, but can still enjoy the cool air. Do you believe that Saigon has snow?

Come to Snow Castle of Suoi Tien, you will have the right answer. Visitors to this area are the first curious feelings but then enjoy this place. When they do not need to go far, they can still experience the European climate, one the snowy slopes, explore fanciful ice caves and feel the cold -5 degrees Celsius.

Adventure games

An adventurous game at Suoi Tien
An adventurous game at Suoi Tien | © Suoi Tien Theme Park
  1. Roller coaster: 60,000 VND / ticket (only for adults). The coaster will take you up a steep slope and drop weightlessly down a low slope. It goes through the Thien Son Han Bang Dong.
  2. Galaxy swirl disk: 15,000 VND / child, 20,000 VND / adult. An adventure game with the feeling like a spacecraft plunges into the air on a giant rotating disk.
  3. All-terrain vehicle: 100,000 VND / 5 minutes (Go-Kart), 175,000 VND / 10 minutes (Go-Kart), 75,000 VND / ticket (Quad, only for adults). Coming to the Terrain Vehicle, you will be challenging yourself. The long distances mixed with spectacular bends require skills of high-speed control of the driver.

Games for children

This area of ​​games brings laughter to children with exciting journeys. You sit on the turntable. When the disco dance begins to turn on, your body moves with the rhythm of the music. 

Tagada spins clockwise or counterclockwise and bounces up and down, suddenly rising and falling.

You will experience a great feeling with the disco dance floor, bringing suspense and fun for participants, especially young people.

You can find these games at:

  • 99 games area: 40,000 VND / child, 20,000 VND / adult.
  • The convoy for overcoming slopes: 15,000 VND / child, 25,000 VND / adult
  • Galloping horses: 10,000 VND / child, 15,000 VND / adult
  • Tagada dance: 15,000 VND / ticket
  • Children’s shrug floor: 15,000 VND / child
  • Small pendulum: 10,000 VND / child, 15,000 VND / adult
  • Acrobatics: 15,000 VND / child
  • Pirate ship: 15,000 VND / ticket
  • Mini pirate ship: 15,000 VND / ticket
  • Time car: 15,000 VND / ticket
  • Childhood train: 15,000 VND / ticket
  • Happy bees: 15,000 VND / ticket
  • Airplane: 15,000 VND / ticket
  • Flying chair: 15,000 VND / ticket

The price is just for reference. It may be changed at any time.

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Festivals in Suoi Tien

With spacious space, there are many festivals organized in Suoi Tien every year, attracting a lot of tourists to participate in.

1. Spring Festival

Spring Festival is held in the early first lunar month when Tet comes and flowers bloom. Throughout the Suoi Tien tourist area, you will see the brilliance of colorful flowers. You can enjoy the floweret colors, and participate in interesting games of the traditional New Year.

Fruit Festival in Suoi Tien Park
Fruit festival in the park | © Suoi Tien Theme Park

2. Summer festival

The summer festival is usually held in June to promote Vietnamese fruits. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious fruits from the Mekong Delta.

Coming to this occasion, you will admire fruit artworks created from the hands of the peasant with different shapes: the dragon, five- fruit dishes, and the Buddha statues 

Besides, many other festivals are organized every year, such as the autumn festival, and Christmas. Every festival has fascinating activities for you to have fun.

The notes when traveling to Suoi Tien Theme Park

  • Dress code: You can dress comfortably, which is convenient because you have to move a lot. And you may wear flats or sports shoes.
  • You do not worry about food because the amusement park sells a variety of food with fixed prices.
  • In general, the price of games, fruits, drinks, and snacks here are also quite low.
  • The price of the entrance fee usually does not include some games. So, you need to buy additional tickets for other games that you like to play.
  • The best time of year to visit Suoi Tien is after the Tet holiday, usually in February. It is springtime when a lot of flowers and festivals often held.
  • The best time of day to travel to Suoi Tien Park is in the early morning to avoid the heat of Saigon.
  • The park is usually busy at weekends when many families in Saigon travel there for their children’s holidays.

When you travel to HCMC, do not forget to explore the Suoi Tien Theme Park. You will have exciting experiences at the large park.