Saigon Square: a great shopping at high-end market

Saigon Square is a popular name for people in Ho Chi Minh City. It is a reliable shopping paradise. With a variety of products of high quality, Saigon Square is a well-known destination for the local and tourists.

Saigon Square
Saigon Square | @nagisaaa0804

Let’s go shopping!

Saigon Square in District 1

Established since 2000, Saigon Square now has 2 facilities located right in the heart of District 1, the most popular one is Saigon Square 1:
Saigon Square 1: 81 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, District 1, HCMC
Opening hours: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

1. What does Saigon Square have?

Saigon Square shopping centre has a lot of items at the stable quality and affordable prices. This place has gradually become the most popular shopping place not only for people in Saigon but also for the many international tourists.

People often compare Saigon Square as a high-end market. It is because the goods here are classified and sold in kiosks like traditional markets. But, it has better organization because of the spacious space with air-conditioner operating during the opening time. The quality of the goods here is good.

As soon as you set foot in Saigon Square, you will immediately feel the busy and bustling atmosphere. The major thing is that space is very bright and clean. The clothes kiosks are neatly and eye-catching.

2. Saigon Square is a fashion matrix.

Saigon Square is like a fashion matrix because of plenty of clothes stalls, so many. You will have to tired of exploring it because all are very attractive for looking and finding beautiful clothes for you.

Saigon Square 1
Saigon Square | @mcarbon

If you are a newcomer to this centre, do not hesitate to ask what you want to buy because the sellers here are very friendly and hospitable.

Saigon Square is a combination of shopping from popular items to luxury brands. Price ranges from tens of thousands to millions for an item. However, you can ask them to discount for what you want to buy in Saigon Square.

Space is brighter and solemn, but still a high-quality market. Thus, Saigon Square is also a wholesale place for many fashion stores in the city. The patrons can buy new products at reasonable prices without losing the contract. So, if you have a local friend, let’s go with him/her.

3. Keep up with youth trends

Another feature that attracts young people is Saigon Square constantly updates with the latest fashion trends.

You can easily find fashionable clothes for both men and women, both children and adults. Also, there are unique dresses that can not be found outside of the most popular models. Moreover, sellers also have big size outfits for foreign visitors.

Most shops are arranged well, which is very convenient for finding beautiful clothes even when you come here for the first time. In the central area, there are clothing stalls, and a little inside is shoe stalls and fashion accessories.

4. Quality of goods in Saigon Square

In Saigon Square, goods are mainly exported, processed by garment factories in Vietnam and neighbouring countries such as Cambodia and Malaysia according to orders. T-shirts and dresses cost several hundred thousand also have labels, the clear origin of goods.

Many customers like the products in this place, because of durability, beauty, and a reasonable price compared to other shopping centres in Saigon.

However, there are also some defective items mixed into other normal items, so when buying, you should carefully check before payment.

5. Hunting cheap brands

One thing in Saigon Square is the products of many famous brands have a lower price than them in other centres, with familiar brands such as Mango, Zara, Abercrombie & Fitch, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, and Polo.

If in other centres, the price cannot be under millions, here T-shirts, sports shirts, jeans, skirts only cost a few hundred thousand dongs with clear labels. These products are often referred to as an export-standard product, processed by factories in Vietnam (or countries like Cambodia, Malaysia).

It is because the goods are updated regularly, so the clothes in Saigon Square are also continuously sold off. So, you can find many low priced clothes in the centres. Despite being a sale, the quality is still good and not obsolete.

Saigon Square also attracts some imitated goods to satisfy those who love high-quality products, but cannot spend tens to hundreds of millions to take home. Some items clones are pretty, and most of them come from China. Although they are cheap and beautiful, we do not recommend to buy fake products.

6. Notes for going shopping at Saigon Square

Saigon Square is called a high-end market. Therefore, the situation of challenges still occurs as traditional markets. So when shopping here, do not be afraid to bargain with the stall owner to have a satisfying item at an affordable price.

Experience bargaining here, usually 40 – 50% of the price offered by the seller. If not, please give the price go up slowly. However, we still meet very friendly sellers without showing an uncomfortable attitude.

Most stalls here are allowed to change if customers are not satisfied, but some stall owners do not. So,

before buying, you should ask the staff of the stalls to make a careful choice.

Most of the sales staff here are quite friendly. In some stalls, they also spend time advising guests on the new and most appropriate models for your body. Luckily, most of the sellers can speak English.

The shoppers in Saigon Square often have acquaintances with the store owners to be able to update regularly when new goods arrive, and do not have to search or bargain prices.

Sale- off items usually only sell at the fixed price. If customers feel satisfied, then buy, and once purchases, it can not be exchanged or re-paid. Thus, you need to consider carefully before paying for sale-off products.

When visiting Ho Chi Minh City, please come to Saigon Square to own the typical items at the best quality and the most affordable price. This shopping paradise will satisfy you, and you will have great experiences for your exploration in the heart of District 1 of this bustling city.