Nguyen Hue Walking Street: a famous destination at night

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is one of the famous tourist places in Ho Chi Minh City. The big road of Nguyen Hue is right in District 1. At night, this distance becomes a pedestrian space attracting a lot of locals and tourists to spend time here.

nguyen hue walking street
Nguyen Hue Walking Street | @xm.write

Here are the reasons which are worth coming to this site.

1. Windy avenue

Coming to Nguyen Hue Walking Street, you will have the most relaxing moments here. The street is very wild and long. At night, it has no vehicles, just for walking, that is a wonderful place to take a walk to enjoy the fresh air.

2. Street music showing everywhere

In the evenings of Saturday and Sunday, from the beginning to the end of the street, when coming here, you will see many young groups gathering to interact and perform music.

If you are passionate about music, want to immerse yourself in this youthful and vibrant space, you are welcome. Join with hip-hop dance or listen to great live music right on the street.

3. Beautiful photo frames in Saigon Garden

Saigon Garden stands out right in the convenient location, and it has rows of green bonsai in front of it, making this place different. This site is also considered a beautiful and luxurious complex in Saigon.

Inside the Saigon Garden area is a combination of restaurants, coffee shops, fashion shops, and flower shops. All kinds of things are enough to meet your requirements on a free day to walk around. Especially when you come here, the first thing you have to do is to take a beautiful photo.

4. Discovering apartment 42 Nguyen Hue

It is not known since when the old apartment No. 42 Nguyen Hue attracted such people. Perhaps this apartment 42 stands out in the middle of the walking street because of its mossy and ancient beauty.

Department Cafe 42 Nguyen Hue
Department Cafe at Nguyen Hue Street | @anhtu2702

The building is very famous, so more and more restaurants, cafes, and fashion shops open there. Famous cafes’ names across Nguyen Hue Street, such as Saigon Oi, or Partea are also presented at this apartment.

And, if you’re a fan of photography, this is also an ideal location for your creation. Also, this old apartment has many shops, so you need to come here for a few days to explore all the cafes and the stalls.

Most people stop at this old apartment while they take a walk on Nguyen Hue street at night.

5. Enjoying coffee overlooking Nguyen Hue street

If you say that you came to Nguyen Hue walking street in the previous years, you do not want to revisit this place. It is a big mistake. Now in Nguyen Hue, there are many beaufiful cafes, milk tea, and lemon tea with new and unique views waiting for you to come back.

Sitting on the balcony of a coffee shop, you can see the whole Nguyen Hue street from above. You will know how beautiful the Nguyen Hue street is. When night comes, the lights from the street sparkle, the shops also light up to create the most vibrant colours.

6. Wandering after 11 o’clock at the street

The bustling streets of Nguyen Hue will become quiet after 11:00 pm. Vehicles are sparse, and street vendors have moved back home. At that time, the whole Nguyen Hue street will be more charming for those who do not like noisy activities.

Sometimes, a few groups of young people like to sit here at this hour to find some quiet space of a different Saigon.

7.  A lovely to take impressive pictures

At day time or night, Nguyen Hue Street different beauty. You may find some modern corners right in this street for your photos like in some Western countries at day time.

And, in the evening, the lively street lifestyle creates a space very Vietnam, in which you can get a lot of beautiful photos with the local life. Also, the amazing images are waiting for you at the old apartment (42 Nguyen Hue).

Nguyen Hue walking street HCM
A beautiful spot for photos at Nguyen Hue Street | @misaa22222

8. Visiting Nguyen Hue Book Street

This book route attracts many tourists and the locals who love books. Coming here, you can stroll around to enjoy the cool air and choose your favourite books. It is a useful activity to help the mind to relax after stressful working and studying hours.

There are different types of books, including love, history, culture, and economics in the area. So, it is an ideal place for you to select a book that you are finding.

9. Flower Street at Nguyen Hue

If you travel to Vietnam on Tet holidays (usually in February), you have the opportunity to visit Nguyen Hue road to become a beautiful flower street.

With thousands of flowers,  many artisans create unique themes that show the beauty of colours. The whole street is covered with long fresh flowers attracting hundreds of people to visit and take photos.

10. Full of street food

If you are a fan of street food, you do not need to go to other places. Nguyen Hue Walking Street at night has different dishes, such as mixed rice paper, baked rice paper, ice cream, bingsu, peach tea, and matcha.  The super snacks of Saigon are all gathered right on this road. You can find plenty of attractive dishes.

And, milk-tea has become a hot trend for many young people. If you want to taste one to know how it is, you can do it right here. On the pedestrian street, there are many famous milk-tea brands such as Phuc Long, strange cotton milk tea at Boo Coffee, or chocolate milk-tea cups at Slow and Chill Coffee.

In addition, on the walking street, contrasting to the luxury shops, there is a store of super-cheap smoothies in a small alley right on Nguyen Hue Street that very few people know. You may check it at the lane 47 Nguyen Hue Street.

11. Tasting food at Xom Nha La

This destination is a mini food court inspired by rustic but unique decoration booths. It is because of its narrow space, this place serves the main types of taking- away food and drinks. But, it attracts many people to choose their favourite food.

Xom Nha La with its own designs blows into the souls of the city a cool breeze of the countryside with delicious, nutritious, and cheap dishes.

Every day and each night, Nguyen Hue Walking Street brings visitors new colours, exciting things that are nowhere else to be found. Therefore, this place is always an attractive destination for both Saigon people and tourists. Nguyen Hue Walking Street contributes greatly to the bustling lifestyle of Ho Chi Minh City.

Will you come to Nguyen Hue Walking Street when you travel to HCMC?